Look what I won!

Usually my sales meetings aren’t super exciting, so when our meeting for this week was scheduled at one of our suppliers I was feeling ok about it – it probably also helped that they provided lunch for us as well  ; ).  Anyways while at Certified Automation I got to learn about all this really cool wiring that they can do while a house is under construction.  Check this out – the newest way to musicate (I don’t think that musicate is a real word but I use it) is a new system that is controlled by an app that you can have on your iPhone, iPad, android or iPod.  How cool is that? It can control the music in any room in the house and the volume for that room – and the best part is that you can play different music in each room (which I have never seen before).  Anyways, after learning all of this great stuff, the generous people over at Certified Automation had a draw and guess what?!?!?  I WON!!  Woo Hoo!!  I love winning things.  A lot.  Check it out!

That right there is a super sexy brand new Blu-Ray player that can turn even my not so smart TV into a smart TV (my only question is WTF is a smart tv???)!

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