Pinterest attempt #2 – The Bench

So a while back I saw this awesome pin for a beautiful homemade bench.  Naturally I checked out the website {2 friends & 2 cities}.  I decided – YES I can do that.  So I started to collect all the things that I needed to make this bench happen.  Since I wanted to use this bench as my seating in my spare room/office, I wanted a fabric with some colorful floral.  I found one that I liked so I said – SOLD.  I went to Lowes and had a piece of MDF cut to my required size.  Now because it was cut I ended up with 2 pieces, one was larger than the other, and I found that the smaller piece fit the space a lot better.  The list of the required items is below:

MDF cut to your size, foam (I used 1″ foam, stacked 3 layers high), batting, fabric, staple gun, legs (mine came with dowel screws already in place), paint for the legs, a drill and (this last item I learned a little later) plates to attach the legs to the MDF (which was not stated in the original post).   All of this came to about $73 but I did not include the price of the staple gun that I had to purchase as I will use that for a million other projects).  I had paint left over from my table so I figured best to match the legs since they will be living side by side.

The first thing that I did was paint the legs.  Since I was using canned paint instead of spray paint, this took a little longer than I liked (my tip would be to use spray paint – its my favorite).

The legs are pine, so they required a few coats of this paint.  Once that was done, I started to upholster the bench.  This was a mistake.  I didn’t know that the plates would make my life so much easier until it was too late.  I had to remove all of the staple from the mdf and fabric/batting in order to attach the plates to the mdf.  So that is what I did.  Once the plates were attached, I could successfully re upholster the bench.  I layered 3 pieces of the foam on top of the mdf, then put the batting on top.  I stapled the batting down first, then I stapled the fabric over top.  Well holy shit!  That doesn’t look too bad.

The next step is to attach those legs!  WOOP WOOP!  Finally getting to the end!  So I screwed the legs into the plates.  And holy shit the first one tightened up so nicely! Not wobbly at all.  Then I screwed in the next three.  They were wobbly.  I said WTF?  I’m pretty sure I did everything correct – WHY THE F*@K is this bench wobbly.  So I took it downstairs to show the trophy husband.  He said yes it looks nice but its waaaaaayyyyy too wobbly.  He said that the legs that didn’t tighten require the dowel screw in the leg to be glued since it’s just turning away while I keep turning the leg into the plate.  Any hoodle, this is the finished product.

I plan on going ahead and glueing the dowel screws after my next visit to home depot or lowes since god knows I have no wood glue anywhere near my house.

At this point I would consider this project to be a Pinterest FAIL.  Mostly because it was a lot more challenging to do, it’s not a perfectly square seat and wobbly as F@*K right now.  Maybe when the legs are tight I might change my mind.  But I say if you are a little more crafty (maybe I mean PRECISE) then go-ahead and attempt this one.  It turned out great for the original pin so you never know how it will turn out for you.

2 thoughts on “Pinterest attempt #2 – The Bench

  1. Even though you say it’s a fail, it sounds like you’ve coming up with a way to get to work. It’s just too bad it will take another trip to the hardware store. Grrrrr. Your photos are very good and the fabric is way cute.

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