The Lamp


My house needs lighting.  Bad.  I have almost no lamps in my house so there is no ambient lighting – if you want light – you get whatever is attached to the ceiling.  So I have been on the lookout for some lamps.  My question is WHY THE F ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE?  I understand that most of the time a lamp is considered a piece of furniture or an accessory so obviously there is some cost to it but it seems like all the lamps I like are like $150.00 – WAY too much in my opinion.  So when I found a lamp at Value Village for $10, I jumped on it, even though the way it was it was AWFUL.  The first thing is that she had a great shape but she was brass.  The second thing was that she had a CFL bulb in it which is worth like $6 alone so this lamp was great value.

A bit closer – you can see she has potential.

So the first step to turning this lamp from nasty to fantastic is to wash her down with a wet rag to remove any grime/dust that was on her.  After I dried her, I took her outside and taped off any part that I did not want sprayed.

Then I went to town.  I know spray paint can be a little tricky so I did light coats.

Looking good!

Starting to get shiny!  After a few coats, I sprayed the last one on a little thicker to make it get nice and shiny – the trick here is to not go on too thick or else it will drip/run and that looks like shit!

After I let the last coat dry for about an hour and a half, I brought her into my house and let it dry longer.  I don’t like to keep painted things outside too long in the event of strong wind or stuff blowing around. I just did all that work getting it pretty I don’t need nature messing with it.

The next step was to de tape and VOILA! A whole new lamp!

Once I get a proper shade for it I will repost to show the dramatic change (excuse the papers below it – it needs some felt under the base to save my table).  But I think she came out perfect!  Super happy with the result!

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