Work Look October 17 2012

Well hello!

Today I was at a training seminar for Lean 101.  Pretty cool actually – especially when you have done a few of these training seminars and have struggled to sleep while looking like your are awake and paying attention.  Directly after this training I had to go to my show home as well so it was a super long day for me (I know I am spoiled at not having to wake up early).  Well today it was a bit of a task getting me ready – I had to be fully dressed in attire that will look good for work and feel like I was wearing my sweat pants at the same time, and I even had to wash my hair, all before 7:30 am.  I am going to make a statement.  No one should have to be anywhere that early in the morning nor should anyone have to wash their hair at that heinous hour. Any ways I made it happen.  See below:

In order to feel like I was wearing sweat pants I elected to wear leggings – and despite that I managed to get a couple of “that is a cute outfit!”‘s!!!  Hooray!!

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