So I went to West Ed…

Hello again!

So this time of year brings my family to town and therefore we must get together and spend our monies.  So naturally that meant that we went to West Edmonton Mall (by the way I never go there because it is really far and I have pretty much everything that I need on the south-side).  Anyways because West Ed is so large and in charge, they had a new store open just a few weeks back that I wanted to check out.  This would be La Maisons Simons.  And as I walked in, I thought it felt a little trendy and wasn’t too impressed.  Until… I went to the back of the store.  To where all the wonder and beauty in the world excists.  I walked through the outerware and was giggling in delight.  Then I came upon some wonder indeed.  Herve Leger.  I love the bandeau dresses but have never even seen one in real life before.  One woman once told me that trying on a Herve Leger dress is LIFE CHANGING.  And now I get it.

As you can see in the images above, I am very happy to be trying this dress on.  I have been wanting to try one on (and that is all I did due to the $1400.00 price tag) for YEARS and I finally had the opportunity.  And I mean WOW.  One would think that something as form fitting as this would be unflattering on most people but this material is unlike anything.  It makes anyone look amazing.

Maybe one day she will come home with me…

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