Canvas DIY

So.  I made this painting.  And I love how it turned out.

photo 5

This is how I made it.

I started with a simple canvas from Micheals – nothing fancy here, just a typical white canvas.  I then painted little x’s on it.


In many different colors.

photo2 photo3

Don’t forget to paint the edges!

I loved it just the way it was – BUT I wanted to change it up!

photo5 photo4

So I added some words – here I chose lyrics to one of my favorite Beatles songs.  Then I painted all over the top with grey paint.

photo 1

I wanted to be able to see under the grey paint a bit so  I didn’t do a heavy coat.  Once the grey paint started to dry I started to peel the stickers off.

photo 2

Looking good!

photo 3Once the grey paint was fully dry, I painted all over the entire painting with a shiny clear coat.  It seals the paint and gives it a nicer texture than just plain old dried acrylic paint.

photo 4I dribbled the clear coat all over the painting and then just spread it out.  Then it just needed to dry and BAM! Fantastic!

photo 5I am going to hang this in my bedroom!!

So I found some china


I went the other day to The Bay in order to find a china pattern.  I am getting married in about 6 months and I need to get us registered asap.  So I went.  And this is what I found.

It’s beautiful!!

photo 3photo 2 photo 1photo 5photo 4I am in love with the subtle detail on the edge yet still has a contrasting silver rim.  Beautiful!

This is the Lenox Porcelain Lace Collection by Marchesa.  And I love it.


I love Christmas…

A lot.  Therefore it is only natural to include my pups  in on the festivities.  Hence the photograph below:

photo (1)

OMG Santa and Pomeranians?!?!?!? So Cute!.  Every year Petsmart offers to do pet pictures with Santa and the monies go to charity.  Its fantastic.  And these girls were all over it.  Ok maybe not so much but I sure was.

Merry Christmas!!


Christmas Paaaaartaaayyyy!

I love this time of year.  A lot.  Last weekend I went to my trophy husbands Christmas Party.  And it was fun.  Especially since I get to dress up!

Check it!


Cute right?  I got the skirt from H&M and I rarely get to wear it so I busted it out for the partay!  I was pretty happy with the result.


Sometimes its just too much.  The pups of mine can melt my heart in less time than I can even comprehend whats happening.  See below:

photo 1Yes, those are two sweet baby Pomeranians having a nice post lunch snooze.  AND ZOOM!

photo 2

Look at that. I can’t even believe it.