So my steamer died a few months ago…


So I had this steamer.  It was awesome.  So awesome that I don’t own an iron/ironing board any more.  Therefore I became reliant on this steamer to get my clothes nice and wrinkle free.  So you can assume how upset I was when it died on me.  One night my trophy husband decided to use it as a humidifier in our bedroom – he turned it on and left it.  And when he came back it no longer functioned.  My inference is that he ran it dry and the motor blew up buuuuuuttttt, it doesn’t matter.  It was dead.  Now this happened in October.  I contemplated getting a new one since my clothes would be forever wrinkled but then I thought “no, Christmas is coming up and this could be an easy gift from my man”.  So I waited.  In waiting I discovered just how wrinkly clothes can be.  So I could not wear a few items.  For months.

So I got this fantastic new steamer in my boxing day shopping and fantastic it is!  I forgot how magical they are!  Removing wrinkles in a quick swipe, refreshing clothes to new again!

I got to wear this beauty again!photo

Now those of you who are from or are familiar with Edmonton AB weather, we had a bit of a cold snap right around Christmas, so there was no way I would be able to wear this number without tights.  Add a belt from a BCBG dress and my trusty grey blazer from H&M and bam! Looking good!

All thanks to my new steamer.  The simple pleasures in getting old.

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