Homemade Vegan Oatmeal

This morning I made a delightful little treat for breakfast – OATMEAL!  But the best part was… it was completely VEGAN!! WOOP WOOP

Now, I do not claim to be a full vegan BUT I am against the torture of animals just so that we can eat.  I am well aware that animals have to die in order for us to eat meat, but I cannot handle knowing that those animals were tortured from the moment they were born.  I love cheese and ground beef – two things that I would have a really hard time giving up if I went full vegan, so you can see how this is a challenge for me – so my version is a little different.  I have stopped eating all meat during the week with treating myself to a meat product on the weekend.  But since my trophy husband is a bad ass hunter, a lot of our ground beef is actually organic ground elk/moose that he harvested himself.  Therefore I know that the animals that we eat have had a fantastic life in the wild, that it was locally produced and as organic/free range as you can get. The only dairy that we consume now is locally produced yogurt and cheese (substituting oat milk for regular milk – oat milk has the most protein out of all the milk replacements).  Now we have to work on finding ourselves a local chicken/egg producer (my man loves his chicken) and we will be golden!

Anyways – more about my delightful Vegan Oatmeal.

1 cup Oatmilk, 1/2 cup organic rolled oats, 1 gala apple, brown sugar and cinnamon to taste

Heat the oatmilk in a small pot on medium heat until bowling, then add the oats and cinnamon.  Simmer for about 7 minutes and while simmering, cut up apple and add to the oatmeal.   Once fully cooked, serve, topped with brown sugar and fresh apple chunks.

How easy is that?? So easy and 100% vegan.  Enjoy!

oatmeal1 oatmeal2 oatmeal3

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