Organic Free Range????

So for the past 4 months I have been making some pretty radical changes.  Firstly, My fiance and I watched a documentary called Vegucated.  This was a documentary about 3 people going vegan for 6 weeks as a test – to see how they responded both physically and emotionally.  During those 6 weeks, the people not only adopted a vegan lifestyle but also learned a lot about the meat industry.   I love animals so when I was watching this I was horrified to see how the animals that we eat are treated.  Now I have always known that animals have to die in order for us to eat them.  But if I am going to eat an animal, I want that animal to have lived the best life that they could have.  So for the past few months I have cut out eating meat, only eating locally produced items (eggs, dairy) and wild game (the ultimate in free range and organic), with meat being a once a week type of addition.  I live in Edmonton Alberta, and I know that a lot of the meat produced in my province is likely to be local, but how do you know where the grocery store product comes from?  You don’t. Which is disconcerting because Alberta is such a major player in the meat industry.  Until recently, I couldn’t find any locally produced meat that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg from my organic food markets.  But just a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Sunworks Farm.  Sunworks farm is a family farm close to Edmonton AB that is certified organic and completely free range.  They do not pump their animals full of any antibiotics, hormones and they are given room to be.  They sell their product at the Strathcona Farmers market every saturday and at an organic food market in Edmonton.  If you browse their website, you can see the vast products that they sell and the benefit to the retailer is not only do you know exactly where your food comes from, but also that you can know that the animals that you are consuming were treated humanly and were given the best life, best food and best care that a farmer can give.

So purchasing from a locally produced source, I can relax knowing that I did not participate in the horror that I have learned about (no more buying anything frozen from costco ever again), and that I am supporting a business in my own home town.  But on top of that, there are so many overall health benefits that go along with cutting back on meat and eating certified organic food.

Slow changes for us, but I know that it takes a lot of small changes to make an impact.  And I have already seen that the small changes that we have been making in our household is spreading to the people around me.  So I would call that a victory.

4 thoughts on “Organic Free Range????

    • Yes, the price is definitely higher for the chicken – BUT the price for the ground beef is pretty reasonable. I think we paid $6.50 for a pound of frozen ground beef – that is pretty close to the supermarket prices and its organic, free range and certified humane. Worth the extra to me.

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