Spring is in the Air!

Today was the first day in a long time that felt like spring in Edmonton.  The sun has been shining all morning, I was able to go for a much needed bike ride AND I was able to take my pup for a walk without having to bath her right after.  Today I saw a brown bunny (much better than a white bunny) and I even saw a butterfly.  Its days like this that make me thankful and appreciative of our gorgeous summers.  Surviving winter always makes me so happy.  Spring is wonderful.  The plants come back to life, the bunnies change color, butterflies and birds reappear (and so do my legs).  The fact that we have to go through the long and cold winter is what makes us so thankful for good weather.  This years spring has been taking its time, but I think that it’s finally here.  And now I probably jinxed it.  Please, no more snow! My legs need to see the sun!

So with the turn in the season, I decided it was a good time to change things up with my blog.  New season – New look!

Happy Spring!

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