Birthdays, They Rock

So I know this post is a bit over due, but I had a birthday a little over a month ago.  My birthday hovers right around the first day of spring.  So you would think that I would get to see tulips and birds and sunshine on my birthday.  This is wrong.  Pretty much every year winter is waaaayyyy delayed into the technical spring season.  Today for example, last day of April 2013 and we had snow this morning.  Lame.  But for my birthday, even worse.

B Birthday Birthday2

There was one of the worst snow storms the Edmonton has had in years.  Full on blizzard.  And not the good, DQ kind.  It was so bad that there was a 100+ car pile up on the Queen E 2 highway.  So bad that it made CNN news.  So what did I decide to do?  Drive to West Ed.

That was a mistake.


On the one had, the parking was excellent.  On the other, I was terrified for the 35 minute drive to the mall and also for the 35 minute drive home. But, I did score a fantastic find from 21 Forever.  Check it!


For something like $10 I scored this beautiful necklace and ever since, it has been popping up in almost every outfit I have been wearing.  Super happy with my birthday find, but more importantly, I am happy I made it home alive.  Oh the things us silly girls do to shop.

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