Camouflage… Cupcakes

Every year I try to make my mans birthday a bit special by making him a super awesome cake.  The first year it was a deer and every year I manage to get creative enough to make something new.  Last year I made him a cake in the shape of our cat.  This year I decided to do something a bit different.  I saw a pin on Pinterest for camouflage cupcakes.  So that’s what I decided to do this year.  And they turned out AWESOME!

I started out with a simple white cake recipe (thanks Martha!).  I then divided the batter into 3 different bowls.  I added a different color to each bowl (in this case – brown, leaf green and juniper green).  Then each cupcake cup got a couple of spoonfuls of each color. 

Camo Cupcake2

Then I baked those puppies.

Camo Cupcake1

They were pretty good just like this but I decided to go-ahead and try to make the frosting camo as well.  And I will say – turned out pretty good I do believe.

Camo Cupcake 3

I again made a simple butter cream icing and divided into 3 bowls – adding the same 3 colors.  Then I put a blob of each into the piping bag to create a blended icing look. 

Camo Cupcake 4

Camo Cupcake 5

How cool are these?!?!?!  And they tasted great too!

I think these would be super fun in any color combination – pinks or blues for kids’ birthday parties, bright colors for summer, red and white for Christmas!

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