Hello lovelies,

Yes, it has been a long long time since I have visited my humble little blog.  This past month was a crazy blur – all leading up to a very exciting day for me and my (now legit) trophy husband.  This past weekend, my man and I got married, causing me to be MIA for the past month.  BUT, I did manage to capture a few moments during the past month on my Instagram – take a look!

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I spent the past month running errands, doing the finishing touches for the wedding, attempting to garden (this one took the back-burner a bit), and a whole lot of shopping (a tiny bit for me, but mostly for the wedding – I went to the dollar store more in the past month than I have in the past two years).  I even ended up doing a quick trip to Vancouver Island, which I might add, is an amazing place to be.  Although it is a bit sad that the wedding is over, I am glad that things have started to settle down a bit.  Today (my first day back to work), I had a leisurely morning working on my yard/flowers and went for a walk with my neighbor.  And that was really nice.

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