Happy Monday lovelies!

I want to introduce you to a lovely new blogger (who just happens to be my next door neighbor!) !  Her name is Emma and she is having a blast over a BurlapAndBangs!  She is a hairstylist who is showing her creativity through the wonderful world of blogging!  Please check her site out!

Below is a bit of my Pinterest inspiration for the week!

gold tray Everything....2 Pink bedroom White

PS. I am going to attempt this DIY Gold Glitter Tray soon so stay tuned for the tutorial!

Nathan Walker – Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Hello lovelies!

Please take a few minutes out of your day to take a look at the blog of one of my favorite local photographers – his name is Nathan Walker of Nathan Walker Photography.  He is a truly talented photographer and I am always impressed with the light in his images.  Now I know that I am completely biased, but I hired him to shoot our wedding for a reason.  I would highly suggest working with him to anyone who is looking for a fantastic local photographer.  Although the photographs from my wedding haven’t been uploaded yet I still stalk peruse his blog weekly to see what else he posts.   I hope you enjoy his images as much as I do!

Parksville BC

In early June my trophy husband and I did a quick weekend trip to Parksville BC to visit his grandmother.  In case you are not familiar, Parksville is on Vancouver Island, in between Courtenay and Victoria, right on the coast, and it is an amazingly beautiful place.  Although it was a quick trip, I brought my camera along, and was able to snap a few pictures.  After this trip, I have decided that a week on the island would be just as amazing as a week in the tropics.

DSC_0098 DSC_0122 DSC_0124 DSC_0091 DSC_0105 DSC_0118 DSC_0056

This place is wonderful.  Its got ocean, great weather, nature, excellent food… what else can you ask for?  And to think that there are lucky people in this world that actually get to live here.  There is a really cool market close to Parksville called Coombs and its pretty good for a place with goats on the roof – I bought $30.00 worth of candied salmon, and it was worth every penny.  And just a short drive into the bushes you can find 2 super cute stores called The House of Leaves and Bamboozle.  This place is definitely worth searching for with a lot of clothes, accessories, and treats!

Oh and by the way – flying is the way to go – by the time we landed in Comox, we would have just made it to Calgary. Thank you AirMiles for saving 30 hours of my life.


Hello lovelies!

Now, I know that I don’t know anything about music, but I know what I like.  So when my go-to station played a new song by a 16 year old girl, I was quick to judge (thinking of the typical Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift).  But, Lorde is no typical 16 year old ‘singer-songwriter’.  She’s awesome.  The first time I heard the song “Royals” I said to myself ‘this is ok’.  The second time I said to myself ‘this is SO GOOD’.  The third time I said ‘I NEED TO BUY THIS!!’.  Her song is so good that I have listened to it on repeat for the past 2 days.  Check out her website for a little taster of her album.


DIY – Glitter Candle Holders!

Helloooooo!  Now that things have settled down for me with all the wedding madness that was the month of June, I have been trying to organize all of the items that I collected over the past year to use at said wedding.  And as I rearranged Rubbermaid storage container after Rubbermaid storage container, I discovered that I have a lot of candle holders.  A lot.  In the form of recycled tea-lights, recycled votives, recycled jars and recycled glass containers from Slatkin & Co candles.  So what did I decide to do? Add glitter!!

I have been kinda loving gold lately so I decided to glitterfy some of these naked candle holders to add major glam.  I started out with some pretty basic stuff – glass containers, dollar store glitter and some glue that dries clear (I used a glue pen). I put newspaper down to help collect the excess glitter and put some glitter on a lid to keep it kind of in one place, because you know how glitter works, you use it in your kitchen and your cat walks by and then its EVERYWHERE.


Then I started just going to town, using the glue pen then sprinkling on some glitter every once and a while.

DSC_0132 DSC_0134 DSC_0137

Then I did it all again with some pink glitter.

DSC_0139 DSC_0141 DSC_0144

And TAH-DAH! Beautiful!

DSC_0169 DSC_0173

Oh, I let them dry for a couple of hours before I started playing with them, and then a full day before I put them on my night table.  The glitter is holding pretty well, but as with all glitter, there is a few little glitters everywhere I look in my house now.  Which is fine for me, because I love glitter.

DSC_0174 DSC_0176

Hope you like!

Happy (Belated) Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!  I know – this post is a few days overdue, but due to some circumstances out of my control I was forced to push this lovely post a few days behind.  But I wanted to share my cute celebration of this years Canada Day!  We were planning on going to visit a friend this holiday to have a nice BBQ and watch the fireworks from his super awesome river valley home.  But in the end that didn’t get to happen due to a trip to the emergency room and a full evening of hospital.  Thankfully we got to go home that night but Canada Day was pretty much set on the back burner.  I was planning on making this super cute cake to take, but that didn’t get to happen, until today.  So have decided to celebrate a belated Canada Day today instead.  Check it:


Betty Crocker white cake mix (usually I prefer to make scratch cakes, but as I was going to serve this to a bunch of people I didn’t know, I wanted to guarantee that it was going to turn out – so Betty Crocker it was), 1 1/4 cup milk, 1/3 cup oil, 1.5 cups sweetened shredded coconut, 1.5 tsp coconut flavor.  Mix all of this and bake it for 35 minutes (I did mine in a 9×13).  Let cool completely.

Then came the fun part, the frosting:

1 package vanilla pudding mix, 1 package dream whip, 1 1/4 cup cold milk, 2 tsp coconut flavor.


Mix all of that for about 6 minutes until you get soft peaks.


While that was mixing – I cut my strawberries into halves.  Then I frosted the cake.


Then I turned this cake into a flag!

DSC_0153 DSC_0155 DSC_0157 DSC_0158

Now we get to eat it!