Sometimes you just need some flowers

One thing that I have learned is the sometimes you need to go to Costco and buy yourself some flowers.  Like I did last week.


Well, they don’t have to come from Costco, but they do have pretty decent flowers. Like these beautiful Snapdragons.  And pink, my absolute favourite colour.




Just beautiful.

Little bit of Blog Love

Hello lovelies,

If you have stumbled upon this lovely blog via Pinterest (like I did), then you have seen how this lady has been designing her rental home, adding her personal touch everywhere, while maintaining her budget.  The blog is called Nesting Place, and its a fantastic spot on the internet.  It is one of my weekly reads, so when I meandered over there a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted to see that they purchased a house and are saying good-by to their rental.  And the best part is, we will get to watch all of the transformations, the before, the during and of course the best part… the after!

Take a little look over there – the latest post is showing a little bit of the tear down process – which is fantastic!

Happy Birthday!

Today I am very happy to celebrate the first birthday of my blog, The Fancy Lady.  I can’t believe that it has been a year today since I first started this adventure, and I am humbled at all the support that I have received from my readers.  I wanted to take this special occasion to send out a huuuuge THANK YOU! to all the people who stumble upon, and continue to come back to, my little space in the giant universe that is the internet.  I am so grateful for YOU!

How best to celebrate a day like today?  With a cupcake of course!





So cute! And delicious!


Summer Style

Hello lovelies!

The other day I styled a dress I have from H&M and had my friend, neighbor and fellow blogger Emma photograph me.

April11 copy

April09 copy

April06 copy

April01 copy

April05 copy

April38 copy

Cute right?  I bought this lace dress to wear to my stagette, but I have gotten so much use out of it.  I added my favorite J Crew Factory necklace, my Michael Kors heals and a gold clutch from HelloFab.  This look is perfect for a summer night on the town!

All photographs are from Emma at Burlap and Bangs – check her out!

Mini Transformations

Yay for my first post on my sexy new iMac!  Being a PC user for a loooong time, I am still getting myself aquainted to this computer – but so far I love it!

I bought this super cute little owl trivet from Vallue Village a few weeks back and have been intending on transforming it – but it seemed to be one of those little projects that I forgot about.  Well thankfully when I was cleaning out my linen closet the other day I found it in there!



Yes, you saw that right – $1.99.  And look how cute he is!  So obviously I snatched him up and I a decided to paint him a glossy black.  First things first, I washed him down with soapy water and let him dry.  Then I put him outside on my trusty painting blanky and got him ready to paint.  I used an engine paint meant for high temperatures – I figured, its a trivet, might as well use it as one and I didn’t trust just regular paint for high temperatures.


I painted the underside first so that if he got messed up when I flipped him, it would be the side no one sees.


While this was drying, I played with my puppy.


Look at that angel face!

Then I gave the owl a flip and painted his front out.  Now, you might notice I didn’t prime, but I figured, a project this small doesn’t need to be primed.  If it doesn’t last forever it wouldn’t be the biggest deal.


I let him dry for over an hour outside since our hummidity was crazy high these past few days, then brought him in.


He’s perfect!


Maybe kinda like something you would see at Urban Barn eh?

Summer, where oh where have you gone?

Its officially the middle of August today and it really feels like this summer is winding down.  For me, it has been a crazy summer.  The craziest summer I have ever had, some parts better than others.  My wedding consumed me and my thoughts (and my sleep) from January on, so I was really kind of excited for it to be over so that I could enjoy the rest of the summer stress free.  I laugh at that now, because of course that’s not what happened.  Right at the beginning of June we had 2 funerals, both out of town, one out of province, a friends wedding, and a week later our wedding.  And it was lovely.  I am truly thankful that we were able to have such a wonderful day filled with friends, family, laughter and love.  I will cherish it forever.  But just a week later our little family was disrupted with some serious health issues (I’m not going to get into all that now), so when people ask me where we went/are going on our honeymoon, a side of me keeps wanting to say “the hospital”, but that would be inappropriate – I think.  But as long as everything goes as per plan, we should all be ok in the end.  Which to me, is much more important than going on a honeymoon to Mexico or Hawaii or whatever.

  At times like these, I just want to say to everyone, don’t take the little things you have for granted.  And even if you don’t have that new Louis Vuitton or a 2013 Nissan or a summer holiday to the Shuswaps, be thankful you have your health.  Because really, what is the rest of it if you don’t have the health to enjoy it?

Wish-list, continued

Hello Lovelies,

I have been pretty busy in general with life and work, therefore I have had little time to make it to any sort of mall or shopping center for more than 10 minutes – in and out – on a mission to get what I went for and that’s it!  That’s no life for a self declared shopping addict.  But give me 10 minutes of internet time and I have already created a wish-list of items from the J Crew new arrivals section.

Tipped Silk Collar Top

Collection Cashmere Pointelle Dot Sweater

Schoolby Blazer in Tipped Wool

Gwen Dress in Colorblock

Collection Floral Brocade Dress

Symmetrical Stone Statement Necklace

Crystal Baguette Bracelet

Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses

Look how pretty everything is!  The sunglasses and the statement necklace are my two faves out of these items, but I think that all of these pretties would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.

Click on the images to do some J Crew shopping for yourself!