Mini Transformations

Yay for my first post on my sexy new iMac!  Being a PC user for a loooong time, I am still getting myself aquainted to this computer – but so far I love it!

I bought this super cute little owl trivet from Vallue Village a few weeks back and have been intending on transforming it – but it seemed to be one of those little projects that I forgot about.  Well thankfully when I was cleaning out my linen closet the other day I found it in there!



Yes, you saw that right – $1.99.  And look how cute he is!  So obviously I snatched him up and I a decided to paint him a glossy black.  First things first, I washed him down with soapy water and let him dry.  Then I put him outside on my trusty painting blanky and got him ready to paint.  I used an engine paint meant for high temperatures – I figured, its a trivet, might as well use it as one and I didn’t trust just regular paint for high temperatures.


I painted the underside first so that if he got messed up when I flipped him, it would be the side no one sees.


While this was drying, I played with my puppy.


Look at that angel face!

Then I gave the owl a flip and painted his front out.  Now, you might notice I didn’t prime, but I figured, a project this small doesn’t need to be primed.  If it doesn’t last forever it wouldn’t be the biggest deal.


I let him dry for over an hour outside since our hummidity was crazy high these past few days, then brought him in.


He’s perfect!


Maybe kinda like something you would see at Urban Barn eh?

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