How can something so UGLY turn into something lovely?

This is a post that I have been working on for a long time.  And by “working on” I actually mean that I have been meaning to work on.  Which also means that I have been procrastinating.

Anyways, a few years back, I got a teak table from this office furniture place I was working at (don’t ask, the job didn’t last long as it was not the right fit for me).  I knew that I wanted to paint it white from day one.  That did not happen for a looooong time.  So long that when we moved out of our condo 2.5 years ago, it was exiled to our basement, since we bought a new and fabulous dining table.  For about a year and a half it lived there, becoming a bit of a workstation for loading bullets (my trophy husband shoots guns, he’s very rugged).  So last fall, after many hours on Pinterest eyeing beautiful interior design, dreaming that I could have spaces as lovely as these in my own home, I became very dissatisfied with my second bedroom.



Number 1, please excuse the poor quality of the images, I took these pics with my iPhone 4 which doesn’t take quality pictures.  Number 2, this room was terrible for a number of reasons including, but not limited to: mattress on floor, paintings not hung, no window coverings, etc.

So I decided to add some teak.


So much better! NOT!

Now, this table is not light, and I find that I get my way when I do things myself.  My husband was resistant to this table moving upstairs because he wanted his little workstation.  But I wanted a little office area, and I moved this puppy all the way upstairs by myself.  I did this obviously by taking the legs off and swearing the whole way up, but I did it.  Now that I knew it would fit the space, I had to paint it white.  I prefer to spray, but I also knew that I didn’t want to have to move it again.  So I had to brush.


I put down some plastic and started brushing away.  That way I was able to paint it without moving it again.


So much better! Teak absorbs a lot, so I had to paint at least three coats on here.  You can see the colour is starting to show through on the left side a bit.

The reason I haven’t posted this DIY for the past year is that whenever I styled it, I was unhappy with the result.  Number 1 I had a super shitty computer until this past summer, and I have yet to find a proper chair for this office area (I’m currently using the rocking chair that you can see in the first few images (my time at the office furniture company is shaming me right now as the rocking chair is terrible for ergonomics)).  But I decided it was time.




Now THAT is soooooo much better.

Oh and look at that, my DIY Lamp is here too!

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