Wedding Series – Invitations

Today I decided to start something new with this blog – a wedding series.  This past June I got married to a wonderful man, so, I am going to share how I made it happen.  Now, I will be the first to state, I am NOT a wedding planner, so bear with me on this one, it wasn’t easy and sometimes it wasn’t even fun.  But in the end, it turned out to be a wonderful day, with some of our guests saying it was “the best wedding ever”.  I’ll take it.

I’ll start with my invitations.

I spent many hours on Pinterest trying to find things/ideas that I liked.  With invitations, there are so many options out there, it’s really hard to make a decision.  But at least I was able to see a bit of a pattern with the invitations that I was pinning to my Wedding Inspiration board.

Pinterest Invite2 Pinterest Invite3

Pinterest Invite4Pinterest Invite5

Pinterest Invite6 Pinterest Invite7

 Pinterest Invite8

Pinterest Invite9

Clearly, I like script.

With our wedding, I was trying to keep our budget in check.  I wanted to be able to splurge on my flowers, so I had to find areas to cut back.  And my invitations were one of those places.  I decided to explore Wedding Paper Divas as I had a couple of my friends use them with great results.  So I spent hours and hours looking at every invitation that had that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ that I was looking for.  I wanted the invitations to look more expensive than they really were.  So I found a few that I thought would work.  Now, committing to them was my problem.  I didn’t want regrets.  So I had these made:





These invitations were beautiful, and very ‘cost effective’ – I think that I had to pay something like $225.00 for everything – including the postage to get these puppies out.

So, Wedding Paper Divas, A+.

PS. All photographs of my invitations are courtesy of my amazing photographer Nathan Walker of Nathan Walker Photography and they cannot be reproduced without permission.

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