Mackage – Fall/Winter Wishlist

Hello lovelies!

December is slowly approaching and the white stuff has already made its presence known in my town.  We have already had about a week of snow straight and temperatures as low as -26 degrees Celsius.  Naturally, this leads me to one of my addictions – outerwear.  And my absolute favorite outerwear is Mackage, which on top of creating amazing pieces, is a Canadian company.  I was browsing on the website earlier and fell in love with a few lovely pieces.











cassandra_parka_moss Back cassandra_parka_moss


Cassandra is my absolute favourite (thats why you got the front AND back of her), but I am really loving Ginette as a more fancy look.  And since I already have 3, any one of these would be a lovely addition to my collection 🙂  To anyone who wants to know about Mackage, they make an outstanding product that keeps me warm and they look fabulous.  A perfect win win for winter.

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