How To: Hang a Picture on a wall with No Holes!

I found this product about a year ago – and it has changed my life.  For so long, I was reliant on my husband to help me hang anything in my house, and because it involved a hole in the wall, I was reluctant to hang a lot.  But then I found this – 3M Command Strips.   And they are amazing.


Shown above are basically like little plastic velcro pieces that with a sticky side.  the velcro parts fit together, and the sticky sides go on to the wall and the art piece, respectively.  But they also have the same ones shown in white, as well as hooks of all different sizes and colours.  There is a 3M Command product for any DIY project.


But wait!  How do they come off the wall if they are ‘glued’ you I ask?  Well Let me show you.  My little main bathroom looked like this before.


BORING! It was time for the home made chevron painting to go away, so I decided to shop my house and put up a picture that I have had for the past year (originally purchased for our spare room, but I didn’t hang because I didn’t have a specific ‘spot’ for it).  So this one was coming down.  Thankfully, I had previously installed it with the 3M Command strips and it was super easy.

I just pulled the painting off the wall, leaving the side that was glued to the wall.


You just grab the little tab at the bottom (in my case it was on the left) and pull straight down (again, in my case straight to the left), its very straight forward, there are arrows showing which way to pull.  Now, the direction is very important, because if you pull towards you, you are at risk for damaging the wall.


No damage, and now you are ready to hang your new piece.

They suggest cleaning the areas that you are sticking the sticky sides to with alcohol to help the adhesion.  Once that is done, you take your two pieces and put the velcro sides together, leaving the sticky sides out.  In my case, I did two.


Then you remove the sticker, and stick one side of each to the picture.  Then you remove the other sticker(s) and install (just press the picture onto the wall and hold for about 30 seconds for good adhesion).


Awesome!  I love using these because now hanging a picture is a 10 minute job, I don’t have to get my husband involved, and best of all… NO HOLES!  I can do this as often as I like, and change things as often as I like.  This is technology at its finest.

PS. I have never used the word ‘sticky’ so many times in my life as I did in this post.


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