Wedding Series: Dress

When I was planning my wedding I knew that I wasn’t willing to be one of those women who spent $7500 on their wedding dress.  It just kills me to think about spending that kind of money on a dress that you only get to wear once.  So I set a budget and went shopping.

Davids Bridal opened in my town a few months prior – so knowing that it was a bit less expensive, that was the first place that I looked.  And it absolutely blew me away at the dresses that they had for the price.  Again, these aren’t those super detailed, super beaded gowns but there were some really great contenders.  I was in love with the White by Very Wang (and I have wanted to wear Vera Wang on my wedding since I was like 18 years old), so that was the line that I focused on.  Of course I did explore other designers, but everything about the Veras just spoke to me.  I wanted to wear a pink dress and that line was not afraid of colour.  Eventually I chose a white dress (well actually, it was ivory) but I was just so in love with it.






It was fitted but still had some drama in the skirt.

It was lovely.

PS. All photographs are courtesy of my amazing photographer Nathan Walker of Nathan Walker Photography and they cannot be reproduced without permission.

7 thoughts on “Wedding Series: Dress

  1. Agree 100%! An overpriced dress had no place in our wedding budget either, so I had to keep it in check.
    The most important thing is to make sure that everyone else you’re shopping with knows that budget as well. When I was out, one of my girls grabbed a $2000 dress and handed it to me to try on. Of course it was PERFECT, I fell in love, and then looked at the pricetag. I was incredibly heartbroken and feeling frustrated with the shopping at that point. My sales girl happened to pull this random one-off dress from the back, told me is was $800 and I of course thought it would be a total bust. But as soon as she put it on, I knew it was the one! And under $1000!!

    • Oh I know – the beautiful thing about David’s Bridal though is that the most expensive dress in the store was like $1300 which gave me free reign to look at everything. So that was nice.

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