Home Tour – Guest Room

Our home is fairly small by today’s standards at about 1400 square feet.  This means that we need to be creative in how we use the spaces that we are given.  Our home consists of 3 bedrooms upstairs with 2 bathrooms, and kitchen, dining, living room and half bath on the main floor.  Our spare bedroom  also functions as our office space until we can create an effective space in our last available room.  But for now our guests must share with our computer.

Remember how it started about a year ago? BORING


Well after some adjustments, this is how it sits today:






DSC_0405 - Version 2

I saw this pillow at Homesense one day and knew it had to come home with me – its floral so obviously I had to have it.  But its also feather filled and I have vowed to myself never to buy another poly filled pillow ever again.  Because in my house we actually use our pillows, and they need to be fluffable (not a real word? I don’t care).





Cutest mouse pad ever thanks to Costco!


I bought the Ikea Leirvik bed for this room to get the mattress off the floor, and I liked that it isn’t too visually heavy for a smaller room.  I have always been wary of buying an Ikea bed frame only because I feel like they don’t have the quality for long term use, but because its just a guest bed, I figured that it would hold up.





I love this little carpet so much and for so many reasons.  First of all, I love anything floral.  Secondly, the colours are so beautiful, totally my style.  And most of all, my mom came home with this little carpet for me when she helped clean out my grandmothers old farmhouse.  So I think of my lovely grandma Jenkins every time I get to come into here.  And isn’t that the whole point of design? To have an emotional reaction to your spaces – to absolutely love what you surround yourself with?

There are some obvious adjustments that still need to be made – the biggest of course is blinds and curtain panels, but the list goes on… (dresser, paint the room, new bedding, art for the long empty wall that I intentionally left out, hang the mirror on the wall, get a night stand for that side of the bed and then move the office area into the other room once I actually make a plan for that specific room).  We will see how far I actually get.

Rug: Vintage – G Jenks’ House

Bed Frame, Mirror: Ikea

Bedding: Linens and Things (not open any more?)

Large Floral picture above desk: Original art from Mel Hall

Table: Vintage DIY project

Art above bed: Homesense

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