Home Tour – Kitchen

The third stop on my home tour is my lovely kitchen/dining area.  It’s technically two spaces but they work together as one, and although I am aware that it is still lacking some good design, this is where it sits today:



This tea towel was a perfect Christmas gift from my mother in law.  I have made a ‘no use’ rule for this one – kinda defeats the purpose but I want it to stay pretty…


We had the carrara marble backsplash installed after we took possession and I am so pleased with the outcome.  When we were building, I knew that I wanted white cabinets, the dark blue granite and carrara marble for the backsplash.  But the builder didn’t allow very many selections and carrara was NOT one of them.  So we took possession of the house with granite counter tops and just drywall backsplash.  If you have ever seen it, its unattractive.  The granite/wall are never perfectly matched and there can be medium to large gaps between the two.  After a while we ordered up the marble and hired an installer and within a few hours the backsplash was complete, and beautiful.




The vase was a wedding gift from my lovely cousins (Tiffany&Co – Hello beautiful!).


My fur-babies were floating around when I was taking pictures, and this little peanut was too cute to ignore.  She actually wanted to go outside and was patiently waiting by the door.



Across the island is the dining nook.  Not overly huge, but big enough to hold a table and maybe a small table on the wall opposite the window.


I fell in love with the Laura Ashley curtains that I found at Homesense, but I had an issue.  They were short, and narrow (84″x55″).  I needed 95″x110″.  They looked so so bad by themselves, and for about a month I searched every Homesense around Edmonton and could not find another set.  In the meantime I took the hem out so that I could add a little length.  So I had to come up with a solution.  My solution was Ikea.  I bought a pair that coordinated, hemmed them to the same length as my Laura Ashley panels and hung them. And it made such a difference.







I bought this mirror for this specific location but its WAAAAYYY too small.  I left it off the wall for a long time which left the wall naked. But I really didn’t like how naked the wall was, so I put it back up.  It will get moved up into my master bedroom as soon as I find something similar but larger.  But it is so pretty – another one of those amazing Target deals – I think I paid like $35 for it.



I found this adorable coat hook at Homesense as well.  My husband is very outdoorsy/major hunter, so I knew he would love it.  Plus its cute!



Table: Urban Barn

Coat Hook, Painting, Crystal Bowl, Barstools, Floral Curtains: Homesense

Mirror: Target

Vase: Tiffany & Co

Sand Curtains: Ikea

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