Home Tour – Living Room

Hello lovelies,

The last stop on my home tour is one of my favourite rooms in our house, but also one of my least favourite.  We spend so much time in our living room relaxing after work, playing with our pups, having coffee with our friends and family, but has been the most neglected room design-wize.  I would buy things for my bedroom or guest room, show my bestie (who has a keen design eye) who would then state “Your living room told me it is feeling left out”.  This is the room that I absolutely need to pay attention to and this year it WILL get the attention it deserves.  See below:


Yup – there is NOTHING on the walls.  Terrible, I know.  No coffee table, no area rug, nothing on the walls – its screaming at me SAVE ME!




I got the TV console right around Christmas this year and THANK GOD.  We had a super big and bulky thing there for almost 3 years, and for all those 3 years I despised it.  I kept looking for something smaller, lower, less deep with legs.  I wanted it to feel lighter, and this console did the trick.





Yes, that is a hot pink dog dish under the table.


I read somewhere that everyone should have a buddha in their home, so when I found this glossy white guy, I knew he was perfect for our home.




I am kinda loving the way the bokeh occurred in these pictures – don’t ask, I have no idea how I made this happen.


The stairs leading up has to be one of my favourite spaces in our home right now.  First of all, I have a gallery wall started with black and white photographs of friends and family.  And second of all, it features an original painting that my mom made for me.  It is so beautiful.  She is a very talented artist and her main medium is water-colour.



I love this painting so much.  It used to live in my dining nook, but there is a south facing window that brought in gorgeous natural light in directly onto this piece.  I was worried that it would fade the painting, so it was moved into the stairwell – further away from any windows (which are north facing) which I hope will help to preserve it.


My mom gifted my trophy husband and I an amazing Alex Janvier ORIGINAL piece as a wedding present.  Alex Janvier is one of my absolute favourite artists AND who I got the meet a little over a year ago so I was super giddy and excited to receive it but for the longest time I didn’t know where I wanted to put it.  But I have decided that I am going to have it framed very soon, and that it will be living in our living room – stay tuned for updates!

This is the year that this room gets its major makeover.

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