How To – Get the Wax out of Used Candle Jars

We’ve all been there.  Spending copious amounts of money on amazing smelling candles only to throw away (or – hopefully – recycle) the jars with about a centimetre of wax left in the bottom.   Don’t do it!

 I discovered an amazing trick to turn this:


into this:


Guess what – It’s SO easy!  The answer is boiling hot water. Thats it.

Start with your jar – it doesn’t need any sort of prep.


Then boil water any which way you would like – I used our super trusty electric kettle.


Then pour!






The hot water melts the wax and the wax then floats to the top, where, as the water cools, it firms back up. The key though is to be patient and let it cool completely. I have been excited and tried to pull a disk out before it was fully firm and it just broke and turned into a big mess.  Feel free to refrigerate.



Then just pull the cooled disk off the top and discard.  I find that it usually takes a couple of rounds of the hot water to get it all out.  After one round with this candle, this was what was left:


So I did it again.


After this round, I was just left with the wicks glued to the bottom of the jar.


Just dump the water, and pry the glue off with a butter knife.  Works like a charm.

If you let the water sit for a bit the glue absorbs some of it which makes it a bit easier to remove.  Then just give it a wash with hot soapy water and TAH-DAH!


Its like magic isn’t it?

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