Scratch Made Alfredo Sauce

I was having a hardcore craving for Alfredo about a week ago and I hate the idea of buying one ready made full of preservatives and salt and god only knows what else.  So I obviously went to Pinterest.

And I found a good one! It only has 4 ingredients listed on the original site where I found it.





1 cup whipping cream, 6 tablespoons butter, 6 tablespoons parmesan cheese, pepper

(I deleted the salt, there is so much salt in the cheese that the sauce does not need any more – plus its better for you)

Melt butter on medium low heat.  Add cream.  I stirred it constantly to make sure I wouldn’t let the cream burn. Once the butter cream mixture is warm, add the cheese.  Good parmesan cheese doesn’t melt instantly, so I used a whisk to stir the sauce until it was smooth.  Then just add pepper and/or garlic.  Continue cooking for about 15 minutes and it will thicken a bit.  I doubled this recipe so that I could have some left overs (and I like cheese so I used more cheese than the instructions suggested).

While it was cooking I boiled a package of angel hair pasta then added the pasta directly into the sauce.  It was really good.  And really easy.  Oh and really fatty.

But the fatty part that was expected, the easy part on the other hand… Not expected and yet a delightful surprise.

Litter Box Hack – Pinterest WIN!

Living with Cats – Expectation:

Woman and cat



Close up –


Hair AND


Cat litter.  It’s a disaster really.  To my cats, the litter box is not only their bathroom, but also a delightful play area where they can dig and let litter rain all over the place.  We can’t even let our dogs anywhere near the litter box because they think that its a tasty treat for them to nibble on, so the cats have their own room, baby gated and all. I know, its ridiculous.  We have had cats for about 7 years now, and everyday I think about how to make the litter situation better.

Then I found this Pin.  So I’m trying it out.

I bought the tallest rubbermaid bin that I could find – and for my cats I spare no expense! (this thing was probably the most expensive one at walmart – but if it could solve all my problems… I don’t care!).  I made sure that the lid would close securly as they will be jumping onto it a lot.


Oh and Kooby says HI!


I traced a plate so that I could make a decent hole in the top (I probably could have gone smaller, BUT Koobs is pretty fat and I wanted to make sure he would be comfortable enough to go in and out of it. Then I cut the hole.  With scissors.  Because I couldn’t find our box cutter.  I would suggest using a box cutter as I developed a blister from the scissors.  I digress.


Victory!  The original pin showed the hole in the middle, I figured that it wouldn’t have been enough room for the goombas to jump onto.


I put the box back into its original spot in the closet in their bedroom (NO – nothing gets stored in that closet but cat turds).


I left the lid off for a few days so that they would be comfortable using the higher box.

Overall result – pretty darn good. I just took a look and there are only about 4 litter granuals outside the box right now and that is a WHOLE lot better than before.

Well done Pinterest.

Wedding Series – Guest Book

Guest Book.

This was a hard one.  I knew I wanted something different from your typical ‘write your name and where you came from on this line’ white ugly frilly thing that I would never look at again.

So I scoured Pinterest again and again.  And I was uninspired.  I saw the usual, the unusual, the complicated and the expensive.  I pinned the following hoping to gather some inspiration from them.  It didn’t work.







After a few months, I still wasn’t in love.

So I came up with this:


I bought a book on flowers.  For everyday of the year, it presents a flower with stunning photography.  I asked our guests to choose their favourite flower and write us a warm wish.







No we have a lovely coffee table book that is not only gorgeous to look at but also lovely to read.  The words that our friends and family wrote were so thoughtful and warm, my heart is filled every time I open it up.

I love that not all the pages are filled, so its a nice surprise when you stumble upon a note.  I keep it out all the time, and its a nice reminder of our day.

Birthday Cake Popcorn

In the field of Tastiest Treat Ever Found on Pinterest… The Oscar goes to… This treat – Birthday Cake Popcorn!

And how!




Recipe (originally found here):

1.5 bags natural flavour popcorn

1/2 pound white chocolate to melt (I used Callebaut – Hello!)

4 Tbls yellow cake mix

Treats that you want inside (I used sprinkles and mini eggs)

Pop your popcorn and carefully remove any burnt, half-popped or non-popped kernels. Over a double boiler, melt the white chocolate, continuously stirring until fully melted.  Add yellow cake mix to melted chocolate and stir until mixed in.  Pour chocolate mixture over popcorn and combine so that every piece of popcorn is coated (I used two soup spoons, but you can use your hands once its cooled enough).  Once combined, pour popcorn onto parchment paper in a thin layer, and let it cool.  Once its cooled enough not to melt your candies, sprinkle your treats on top.  Once cooled completely, break pieces and serve!


This could possibly be the ultimate Oscar party treat.