Birthday Cake Popcorn

In the field of Tastiest Treat Ever Found on Pinterest… The Oscar goes to… This treat – Birthday Cake Popcorn!

And how!




Recipe (originally found here):

1.5 bags natural flavour popcorn

1/2 pound white chocolate to melt (I used Callebaut – Hello!)

4 Tbls yellow cake mix

Treats that you want inside (I used sprinkles and mini eggs)

Pop your popcorn and carefully remove any burnt, half-popped or non-popped kernels. Over a double boiler, melt the white chocolate, continuously stirring until fully melted.  Add yellow cake mix to melted chocolate and stir until mixed in.  Pour chocolate mixture over popcorn and combine so that every piece of popcorn is coated (I used two soup spoons, but you can use your hands once its cooled enough).  Once combined, pour popcorn onto parchment paper in a thin layer, and let it cool.  Once its cooled enough not to melt your candies, sprinkle your treats on top.  Once cooled completely, break pieces and serve!


This could possibly be the ultimate Oscar party treat.

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