Wedding Series – Guest Book

Guest Book.

This was a hard one.  I knew I wanted something different from your typical ‘write your name and where you came from on this line’ white ugly frilly thing that I would never look at again.

So I scoured Pinterest again and again.  And I was uninspired.  I saw the usual, the unusual, the complicated and the expensive.  I pinned the following hoping to gather some inspiration from them.  It didn’t work.







After a few months, I still wasn’t in love.

So I came up with this:


I bought a book on flowers.  For everyday of the year, it presents a flower with stunning photography.  I asked our guests to choose their favourite flower and write us a warm wish.







No we have a lovely coffee table book that is not only gorgeous to look at but also lovely to read.  The words that our friends and family wrote were so thoughtful and warm, my heart is filled every time I open it up.

I love that not all the pages are filled, so its a nice surprise when you stumble upon a note.  I keep it out all the time, and its a nice reminder of our day.

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