Litter Box Hack – Pinterest WIN!

Living with Cats – Expectation:

Woman and cat



Close up –


Hair AND


Cat litter.  It’s a disaster really.  To my cats, the litter box is not only their bathroom, but also a delightful play area where they can dig and let litter rain all over the place.  We can’t even let our dogs anywhere near the litter box because they think that its a tasty treat for them to nibble on, so the cats have their own room, baby gated and all. I know, its ridiculous.  We have had cats for about 7 years now, and everyday I think about how to make the litter situation better.

Then I found this Pin.  So I’m trying it out.

I bought the tallest rubbermaid bin that I could find – and for my cats I spare no expense! (this thing was probably the most expensive one at walmart – but if it could solve all my problems… I don’t care!).  I made sure that the lid would close securly as they will be jumping onto it a lot.


Oh and Kooby says HI!


I traced a plate so that I could make a decent hole in the top (I probably could have gone smaller, BUT Koobs is pretty fat and I wanted to make sure he would be comfortable enough to go in and out of it. Then I cut the hole.  With scissors.  Because I couldn’t find our box cutter.  I would suggest using a box cutter as I developed a blister from the scissors.  I digress.


Victory!  The original pin showed the hole in the middle, I figured that it wouldn’t have been enough room for the goombas to jump onto.


I put the box back into its original spot in the closet in their bedroom (NO – nothing gets stored in that closet but cat turds).


I left the lid off for a few days so that they would be comfortable using the higher box.

Overall result – pretty darn good. I just took a look and there are only about 4 litter granuals outside the box right now and that is a WHOLE lot better than before.

Well done Pinterest.

6 thoughts on “Litter Box Hack – Pinterest WIN!

  1. Are you able to use a liner with the container? I was considering doing something like this but cannot figure out how to get the lid to stay on if I use liners. And I need that lid to stay on to keep the dog out for sure! Good job on your new litter box!

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