Gold Glitter Tray DIY

It has begun.

I fell in love with gold glitter – well gold in general.  But over the past few months I have learned that nothing is safe!  Which means that pretty much anything that we own could/would be covered in gold glitter.  If I want it to.

And I want it to be.


This project was inspired by A Beautiful Mess.  I saw it over a year ago and have wanted a gold glitter tray ever since.  So, naturally I procrastinated for a while (if you can call a year a while – more like a long long time).  And man was it easy.  All I needed was a plate, glue, glitter, modge podge and a foam paint brush.  Spread your glue all over the plate with the foam brush.  Then get your glitter going.  Make sure you get lots in there, you can shake off the extra once it dries.  Once dried, touch up any missed spots and let dry fully again.  Once fully dried, shake any access glitter off tray then spread the modge podge all over in an even coat. The goal is to seal the glitter under the modge podge so that they don’t just shake off as you use your tray.  I did a second coat with the modge podge to make sure.  Then just let dry fully.


And look how pretty it is!






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