BIG News!!

I know that I have been a bad blogger over the past 9-10 months (eeeep! Sorry!) but there have been some major changes going on around my house.

Firstly I changed careers – I spent 4 years in New Home Sales and last fall I started my education (which took me a little longer than I anticipated – whoops!) so as of April 2015 I officially became a licensed Realtor in Edmonton!  I became a ‘business owner’ and started working for myself… which is AWESOME!

It has been really fantastic so far – working with great clients, touring some of the coolest properties in Edmonton, and participating in some of the largest changes in peoples’ lives.  I absolutely LOVE my new gig.

My husband also made a change to his career – he is now in outside sales selling the product that he spent 10 years making.  He went from having to wear jeans to work every day to dress pants, dress shirts and dress shoes – I call him ‘Fancy Man” ha ha ha.  I love it.

But the biggest change of all:


Yup!  Its happening!

We are welcoming a new baby to our family early next year and we couldn’t be more excited!

Stay tuned for updates!