A little bit of Baby Boy Pinsperation!

From the start I knew that I wanted to find out the sex of our baby.  It seems that people are of either camp – either they need to know, or they absolutely don’t want to know, with nothing in between.

Well I needed to know.  I knew from the start that I would want to know what the sex was so that I could plan.  I like to plan, not that I am the best at planning or anything, but I like to have a plan.  Especially going into a major life change like this.  So I was supremely delighted that our baby wasn’t shy and showed us his goods.

So I have been planning.

Because my husband is so outdoorsy he wanted there to be deers and antlers everywhere – I think at one point he even mentioned camo bedding or something along those lines.  I shut that down.  But he is in luck that the woodland look is on trend right now and we can have a little outdoorsy baby in a super cute nursery that still incorporates my trophy husbands lifestyle.

Nursery 1


Nursery 3


Nursery 5


Nursery 4


Nursery 6


How cute is all of this?? I can’t even.

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