It’s A…

Hello lovelies!

A few weeks back we had our second ultrasound and we were lucky to have a good view of our growing baby!


We were really hoping to find out the sex and lucky us we found out that we are having a beautiful baby BOY!

Since we found out I have been going a little crazy over the boy stuff – like these super cute onzies from Joe Fresh:


And these super cute little pantaloons from Precious Peanut Design:


Can you tell that our little man is going to be an outdoorsman?

We’re just a little bit obsessed.

BIG News!!

I know that I have been a bad blogger over the past 9-10 months (eeeep! Sorry!) but there have been some major changes going on around my house.

Firstly I changed careers – I spent 4 years in New Home Sales and last fall I started my education (which took me a little longer than I anticipated – whoops!) so as of April 2015 I officially became a licensed Realtor in Edmonton!  I became a ‘business owner’ and started working for myself… which is AWESOME!

It has been really fantastic so far – working with great clients, touring some of the coolest properties in Edmonton, and participating in some of the largest changes in peoples’ lives.  I absolutely LOVE my new gig.

My husband also made a change to his career – he is now in outside sales selling the product that he spent 10 years making.  He went from having to wear jeans to work every day to dress pants, dress shirts and dress shoes – I call him ‘Fancy Man” ha ha ha.  I love it.

But the biggest change of all:


Yup!  Its happening!

We are welcoming a new baby to our family early next year and we couldn’t be more excited!

Stay tuned for updates!


Gold Glitter Tray DIY

It has begun.

I fell in love with gold glitter – well gold in general.  But over the past few months I have learned that nothing is safe!  Which means that pretty much anything that we own could/would be covered in gold glitter.  If I want it to.

And I want it to be.


This project was inspired by A Beautiful Mess.  I saw it over a year ago and have wanted a gold glitter tray ever since.  So, naturally I procrastinated for a while (if you can call a year a while – more like a long long time).  And man was it easy.  All I needed was a plate, glue, glitter, modge podge and a foam paint brush.  Spread your glue all over the plate with the foam brush.  Then get your glitter going.  Make sure you get lots in there, you can shake off the extra once it dries.  Once dried, touch up any missed spots and let dry fully again.  Once fully dried, shake any access glitter off tray then spread the modge podge all over in an even coat. The goal is to seal the glitter under the modge podge so that they don’t just shake off as you use your tray.  I did a second coat with the modge podge to make sure.  Then just let dry fully.


And look how pretty it is!






Litter Box Hack – Pinterest WIN!

Living with Cats – Expectation:

Woman and cat



Close up –


Hair AND


Cat litter.  It’s a disaster really.  To my cats, the litter box is not only their bathroom, but also a delightful play area where they can dig and let litter rain all over the place.  We can’t even let our dogs anywhere near the litter box because they think that its a tasty treat for them to nibble on, so the cats have their own room, baby gated and all. I know, its ridiculous.  We have had cats for about 7 years now, and everyday I think about how to make the litter situation better.

Then I found this Pin.  So I’m trying it out.

I bought the tallest rubbermaid bin that I could find – and for my cats I spare no expense! (this thing was probably the most expensive one at walmart – but if it could solve all my problems… I don’t care!).  I made sure that the lid would close securly as they will be jumping onto it a lot.


Oh and Kooby says HI!


I traced a plate so that I could make a decent hole in the top (I probably could have gone smaller, BUT Koobs is pretty fat and I wanted to make sure he would be comfortable enough to go in and out of it. Then I cut the hole.  With scissors.  Because I couldn’t find our box cutter.  I would suggest using a box cutter as I developed a blister from the scissors.  I digress.


Victory!  The original pin showed the hole in the middle, I figured that it wouldn’t have been enough room for the goombas to jump onto.


I put the box back into its original spot in the closet in their bedroom (NO – nothing gets stored in that closet but cat turds).


I left the lid off for a few days so that they would be comfortable using the higher box.

Overall result – pretty darn good. I just took a look and there are only about 4 litter granuals outside the box right now and that is a WHOLE lot better than before.

Well done Pinterest.

Better late than never!

Christmas time is one of my favourite times of the year – you get to spend time with family, time off work, shopping, snow, my list goes on.  But man alive its ‘s busy.  In between working, shopping for gifts, shopping for food and holiday parties, I had full intention of blogging my Christmas decor.

Well clearly that didn’t happen.  Instead I took the extra time I had and used it to focus on family.

So just a few weeks behind, I present to you my lovely Christmas tree.









I love the gentle glow that a tree gives off at night, both comforting and exciting at the same time.

Marry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year!

Goodby 2013… HELLO 2014!

You may have noticed (or not) that I took a little breather from my blog space over the holidays.          It was required.   2013 was a rough year for me, and although I LOVE the holidays, this season seemed a bit off – so I decided that it would be a good idea to take it a bit easy this year and focus on myself and my family.   And it was good.
But with a new year comes new hope. Hope for new opportunities, new friends, new adventures and new beginnings.   And newness makes me happy.
So Happy New Year from my family to yours!   I wish you a fantastic 2014 filled with blessings (hidden and obvious), love and laughter.