Quick and Easy Decor Change Up

When we first moved into our house (3.5 years ago) our cousins gave us these brown things (they were going to put them up on their walls but they didn’t like them very much, so they came to us).  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love them either – brown and just kind-of weird-looking, they weren’t going to work in our house.  That’s why they sat in our basement for 3 years.  I told myself that it was an easy project, but that didn’t stop my from ignoring them for an exceptionally long time.  In my effort to create a better looking living room, I decided it was time.




Guess what I did to them… I sprayed them glossy black.  How original, I know.  BUT I think it made them look a hell of a lot better.


My trusty purple painting blanket to the rescue.  I always try to elevate whatever I’m spraying to avoid a number of different issues, usually with whatever I have sitting (aka can find within 1 minute) around my garage/house.





On a completely different note: Look how beautiful my grass looks!


I just used the least expensive (a nicer way of saying cheapest) black paint I could find at Home Depot. This one sufficed.



Once they dried, I decided to hang them on either side of the large window in my living room for symmetry.


DSC_0416 - Version 2

I used (and by I, I actually mean my trophy husband – thank god for men who are handy) my absolute favourite trick to hang these – 3M Command Hooks for no holes and if I want to move them I don’t feel guilty about having leftover nails/holes in the walls.  I posted about them earlier – you can read all about that here.

photo 1

Sneak peak of my living room make-over!  And my doggie coordinates!

Jewelry Box Mini Make-over

I bought a jewelry box a while back with full intentions on making it over.  In fact, I bought it in the same trip to Value Village as when I bought this.  It was a while ago.  BUT I knew when I bought it, it could be cute!

Look at what I was starting with:


Not so hot.  But after a little bit of pink paint and a cut out of craft paper – VOILA!








I am really happy with the outcome of this mini makeover.  I am a firm believer in The Nesters theory of ‘it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful’ and I think that this jewelry box exemplifies that.  And I love that I can change out the picture in the top whenever I feel some inspiration.

Love it!

Easy Valentines Day Garland

Happy Valentines Week!

To celebrate the holiday of love, I made a super easy, super cute garland to hang in my living room!


It just consisted of some yarn I had left over from a scarf and some lovely card stock. I simply folded the paper in half, cut out a heart, and used the first heart as a template for the next.  Then I just taped the hearts to the yarn – no sewing and no weird technical stuff required.





Then I simply attached it to the wall using the 3M Command small hooks for no holes and TAH-DAH!






I just tied a simple knot at the ends to make it look ‘finished’.


Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

How To – Get the Wax out of Used Candle Jars

We’ve all been there.  Spending copious amounts of money on amazing smelling candles only to throw away (or – hopefully – recycle) the jars with about a centimetre of wax left in the bottom.   Don’t do it!

 I discovered an amazing trick to turn this:


into this:


Guess what – It’s SO easy!  The answer is boiling hot water. Thats it.

Start with your jar – it doesn’t need any sort of prep.


Then boil water any which way you would like – I used our super trusty electric kettle.


Then pour!






The hot water melts the wax and the wax then floats to the top, where, as the water cools, it firms back up. The key though is to be patient and let it cool completely. I have been excited and tried to pull a disk out before it was fully firm and it just broke and turned into a big mess.  Feel free to refrigerate.



Then just pull the cooled disk off the top and discard.  I find that it usually takes a couple of rounds of the hot water to get it all out.  After one round with this candle, this was what was left:


So I did it again.


After this round, I was just left with the wicks glued to the bottom of the jar.


Just dump the water, and pry the glue off with a butter knife.  Works like a charm.

If you let the water sit for a bit the glue absorbs some of it which makes it a bit easier to remove.  Then just give it a wash with hot soapy water and TAH-DAH!


Its like magic isn’t it?

How To: Hang a Picture on a wall with No Holes!

I found this product about a year ago – and it has changed my life.  For so long, I was reliant on my husband to help me hang anything in my house, and because it involved a hole in the wall, I was reluctant to hang a lot.  But then I found this – 3M Command Strips.   And they are amazing.


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How can something so UGLY turn into something lovely?

This is a post that I have been working on for a long time.  And by “working on” I actually mean that I have been meaning to work on.  Which also means that I have been procrastinating.

Anyways, a few years back, I got a teak table from this office furniture place I was working at (don’t ask, the job didn’t last long as it was not the right fit for me).  I knew that I wanted to paint it white from day one.  That did not happen for a looooong time.  So long that when we moved out of our condo 2.5 years ago, it was exiled to our basement, since we bought a new and fabulous dining table.  For about a year and a half it lived there, becoming a bit of a workstation for loading bullets (my trophy husband shoots guns, he’s very rugged).  So last fall, after many hours on Pinterest eyeing beautiful interior design, dreaming that I could have spaces as lovely as these in my own home, I became very dissatisfied with my second bedroom.



Number 1, please excuse the poor quality of the images, I took these pics with my iPhone 4 which doesn’t take quality pictures.  Number 2, this room was terrible for a number of reasons including, but not limited to: mattress on floor, paintings not hung, no window coverings, etc.

So I decided to add some teak.


So much better! NOT!

Now, this table is not light, and I find that I get my way when I do things myself.  My husband was resistant to this table moving upstairs because he wanted his little workstation.  But I wanted a little office area, and I moved this puppy all the way upstairs by myself.  I did this obviously by taking the legs off and swearing the whole way up, but I did it.  Now that I knew it would fit the space, I had to paint it white.  I prefer to spray, but I also knew that I didn’t want to have to move it again.  So I had to brush.


I put down some plastic and started brushing away.  That way I was able to paint it without moving it again.


So much better! Teak absorbs a lot, so I had to paint at least three coats on here.  You can see the colour is starting to show through on the left side a bit.

The reason I haven’t posted this DIY for the past year is that whenever I styled it, I was unhappy with the result.  Number 1 I had a super shitty computer until this past summer, and I have yet to find a proper chair for this office area (I’m currently using the rocking chair that you can see in the first few images (my time at the office furniture company is shaming me right now as the rocking chair is terrible for ergonomics)).  But I decided it was time.




Now THAT is soooooo much better.

Oh and look at that, my DIY Lamp is here too!

My home is a constant work in progress

A few weeks ago, my mom went to Saskatchewan to help my grandmother clean out her old farm house.  This was the house that my grandfather built in the 50’s, that my mom was raised in, and that my grandmother still lived in (during the summer months) until she turned 90.  Last year she decided that it would be her last summer out on that farm, and that she was moving out.  That is how I ended up with this:

DSC_0295 DSC_0294

My mom knows that my trophy husband is very outdoorsy and thought “Kyle would love this for sure!”.  Sorry mom, not so in love with it, but knowing that it was my grandmas, I knew I wanted to do something to it.  So I painted it.


I took her outside, elevated her on a small box on my trusty painting blanket and painted her a glossy white, with this:


I love this paint.  I have used it for pretty much most of my projects, its cheap and it does the trick every time. And if you always buy the same brand, your painted items will always go with each other – especially since there are about a million different shades of white.

After I let her dry, I hung her up on my gallery wall in my stairwell.  It is worth noting that I am constantly working on this gallery wall – it has never been ‘finished’.  But I think that adding this little doe to the wall adds the ‘je ne sais quoi’ I was looking for.




Hopefully one day soon I will get my shit together and complete this wall.

Cute though right?