Baby Boy Update – Nursery

Hello!  This post has been in my drafts for three weeks – I started writing it on Sunday February 7 (when I was 2 days overdue by the way), and because it was so lengthy I decided to take a break and come back to it later, or tomorrow.

Well.  When I was in bed that night, I went into labor.  And just 8 hours later we had our beautiful baby boy!  We have been using our nursery non stop since he has been home so I am thankful that we were able to get it finished in time.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we are 🙂

Since I found out that our little baby bean is a BOY! I have been tirelessly (actually not, I’m spent all the time) trying to put together a super cute, masculine, youthful yet not too babyish (is that a word?) nursery.  I started collecting a few items here and there knowing that I wanted to go in the ‘woodland’ direction since my husband is very outdoorsy and it really fit us as a family.  But I also didn’t want it to be too predictable (ie. camouflage this, deers everywhere, etc).

I gathered inspiration from Pinterest of course, and posted some of my Pinspiration a few posts back. And as a result I think it turned out pretty much perfect.


By the way, this is what I started with:



Yup, we emptied out the room, gave it a solid cleaning and started fresh.  There were never any blinds even installed in here so it was a complete fresh canvas to work with.

And look at the difference!


One of the first things that we bought for this little baby was the Jellycat fox. I couldn’t resist him!


The next purchase were these curtain panels from Crate and Barrel so I used them and the fox as my jumping off point.



Deciding on a wall colour – that was fun.  Not.  I wanted a warm white but because this room has north exposure the light can be a little weird and it made the whites turn out a bit darker than I wanted.  Oh and I didn’t want it to be yellow.  After many trips to Benjamin Moore we settled on Dune White (by we I mean I) and my handy husband painted it up nicely in one day.

Nursery 2


I LOVED this wall colour (Grey Mist by Benjamin Moore) and tried to make it work in the room but it turned out super yellow due to the light, so it was a big NO.


Searching for a glider was also not much fun.  The majority of gliders that I liked were priced higher than I wanted to spend (if I am spending over $1000 on a chair I want to put it in my living room – right?).  So I found this one at Babies R Us.  It was comfortable and in my price range (under $500).  The poof and side table were both Homesense finds (the best part – I had pinned this poof in my Pinterest Nursery Board and didn’t even realize it until about a week after I put it in my nursery).




We decided on the Tyssedal dresser from Ikea.  I was planning on using the Hemnes dresser but measuring it for the space it was way too long, forcing the diaper genie to be tucked in by the glider and I did NOT want to be smelling poop all the time while nursing.  Tyssedal was the perfect length and is super cute too 🙂


We made the shelf above the dresser – using 2 $2 Ikea brackets that I quickly painted white, and a 2″ x 8″ board I had Home Depot cut for me, then stained.  Trophy husband then installed at my request.





The antlers are all from my trophy husband, the books are vintage from family (the red ones are old machining books from my husbands late grandpa – my husband is a machinist by trade as well so its special to have them) and the fox print is from The Animal Print Shop – which I absolutely LOVE.




I made this mobile out Christmas decorations that I found at Chapters and Home Outfitters.




My husbands mom (Grandma!) made the deer cross stitch (in the bottom right of the gallery wall) for my husband when he was very little, and she had never done anything with it once she had finished it.  She asked if it we wanted it for the nursery and it worked perfectly, so we had it framed and now it gets to live in the gallery wall in the nursery.  His sister also painted the deer head in the centre of the gallery.  The rest were sourced from Homesense and from a local artist.  The arrow was a Michaels find (that I bought with a 40% off coupon) that I just stained with the same stain as the shelf.





The crib was easy! Its the Delta Tribecca which I was able to get in stock, from Sears, in Edmonton!  No waiting, no shipping charges! Its convertible so as baby grows we can adjust it to suit his needs.





 The orange and white blank has been wonderful for me – keeping me warm during my late night nursings.

I am so in love with this how this space turned out!


Let me know what you think! ❤

Love you lots – April

Update – Home Tour – Living Room


As previously discussed, my home is a work in progress (let’s be real here – everyone’s home is a work in progress).  Over the past few months I have been working on making my living room a little more liveable.  Lets all remember where we started:



Gahh.  So naked.

And now:

DSC_0421photo 1

I have been shopping my house and combined with a few new items and some rearranging, this room is looking a little less drab and a lot more fab.







We have been ‘looking’ for a coffee table since we moved in – by looking I mean casually looked and didn’t buy anything for 0ver 3 years.  So when we found this coffee table from Urban Barn we decided to take the plunge.  It was more expensive than I wanted (although still reasonable) but it was the only one my husband and I could agree on.


This painting is one of my most prized possessions – it’s an Alex Janvier original that was gifted to my husband and I from my parents at our wedding.  It’s title is ‘Love Lines’.




This area rug was a new acquisition from Homesense – I wanted an 8’x10′ for the space, but I was having a hard time procuring one (that I liked) in my tiny $200-$300 budget.  When I saw this one I thought it would coordinate well being neutral, but that it would also bring some dimension with the Ikat pattern.  And yes, I do see that there are some doggy crunches on the floor next to it, thats a regular occurrence in this house (and I am going to generalize here but I think its a regular occurrence to most people with doggies).



We had the floral chairs in the living room before, but when we bought the carpet I though that there were maybe too many different patterns happening and that they were a little too pretty for the space, so I pulled the floral chairs to the kitchen and pulled two dining chairs to the living room.  I think it was a good move.


Yes, that is a self portrait of my husband and I hanging behind out TV.  It was a recent gift from my brother (who magically found an amazing local portrait painter here in Edmonton on Kijiji – and I regret to inform that I don’t know who it is!).   We haven’t decided where it will live forever, but because its so funny we decided to hang it right there for now (full disclosure, there were some existing screws in the wall from when I moved the TV to that location, the frame behind it was too large and hidden so we moved it to another spot, and left that one naked – self portrait to the rescue!).


My poor husband had to lose his hair for this portrait, but the likeness is amazing.


Yes, that is a lounge chair in my living room.  Don’t ask, it’s not permanent.

photo 1

I am pretty happy with its current state.  Of course I have a long list of things that I want to change (new chairs, new couch with chaise lounge, lounge chair back to the basement, new window coverings etc.) but with spending just over $1100 my living room almost looks new.

Quick and Easy Decor Change Up

When we first moved into our house (3.5 years ago) our cousins gave us these brown things (they were going to put them up on their walls but they didn’t like them very much, so they came to us).  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love them either – brown and just kind-of weird-looking, they weren’t going to work in our house.  That’s why they sat in our basement for 3 years.  I told myself that it was an easy project, but that didn’t stop my from ignoring them for an exceptionally long time.  In my effort to create a better looking living room, I decided it was time.




Guess what I did to them… I sprayed them glossy black.  How original, I know.  BUT I think it made them look a hell of a lot better.


My trusty purple painting blanket to the rescue.  I always try to elevate whatever I’m spraying to avoid a number of different issues, usually with whatever I have sitting (aka can find within 1 minute) around my garage/house.





On a completely different note: Look how beautiful my grass looks!


I just used the least expensive (a nicer way of saying cheapest) black paint I could find at Home Depot. This one sufficed.



Once they dried, I decided to hang them on either side of the large window in my living room for symmetry.


DSC_0416 - Version 2

I used (and by I, I actually mean my trophy husband – thank god for men who are handy) my absolute favourite trick to hang these – 3M Command Hooks for no holes and if I want to move them I don’t feel guilty about having leftover nails/holes in the walls.  I posted about them earlier – you can read all about that here.

photo 1

Sneak peak of my living room make-over!  And my doggie coordinates!

Jewelry Box Mini Make-over

I bought a jewelry box a while back with full intentions on making it over.  In fact, I bought it in the same trip to Value Village as when I bought this.  It was a while ago.  BUT I knew when I bought it, it could be cute!

Look at what I was starting with:


Not so hot.  But after a little bit of pink paint and a cut out of craft paper – VOILA!








I am really happy with the outcome of this mini makeover.  I am a firm believer in The Nesters theory of ‘it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful’ and I think that this jewelry box exemplifies that.  And I love that I can change out the picture in the top whenever I feel some inspiration.

Love it!

Easy Valentines Day Garland

Happy Valentines Week!

To celebrate the holiday of love, I made a super easy, super cute garland to hang in my living room!


It just consisted of some yarn I had left over from a scarf and some lovely card stock. I simply folded the paper in half, cut out a heart, and used the first heart as a template for the next.  Then I just taped the hearts to the yarn – no sewing and no weird technical stuff required.





Then I simply attached it to the wall using the 3M Command small hooks for no holes and TAH-DAH!






I just tied a simple knot at the ends to make it look ‘finished’.


Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

Home Tour – Living Room

Hello lovelies,

The last stop on my home tour is one of my favourite rooms in our house, but also one of my least favourite.  We spend so much time in our living room relaxing after work, playing with our pups, having coffee with our friends and family, but has been the most neglected room design-wize.  I would buy things for my bedroom or guest room, show my bestie (who has a keen design eye) who would then state “Your living room told me it is feeling left out”.  This is the room that I absolutely need to pay attention to and this year it WILL get the attention it deserves.  See below:


Yup – there is NOTHING on the walls.  Terrible, I know.  No coffee table, no area rug, nothing on the walls – its screaming at me SAVE ME!




I got the TV console right around Christmas this year and THANK GOD.  We had a super big and bulky thing there for almost 3 years, and for all those 3 years I despised it.  I kept looking for something smaller, lower, less deep with legs.  I wanted it to feel lighter, and this console did the trick.





Yes, that is a hot pink dog dish under the table.


I read somewhere that everyone should have a buddha in their home, so when I found this glossy white guy, I knew he was perfect for our home.




I am kinda loving the way the bokeh occurred in these pictures – don’t ask, I have no idea how I made this happen.


The stairs leading up has to be one of my favourite spaces in our home right now.  First of all, I have a gallery wall started with black and white photographs of friends and family.  And second of all, it features an original painting that my mom made for me.  It is so beautiful.  She is a very talented artist and her main medium is water-colour.



I love this painting so much.  It used to live in my dining nook, but there is a south facing window that brought in gorgeous natural light in directly onto this piece.  I was worried that it would fade the painting, so it was moved into the stairwell – further away from any windows (which are north facing) which I hope will help to preserve it.


My mom gifted my trophy husband and I an amazing Alex Janvier ORIGINAL piece as a wedding present.  Alex Janvier is one of my absolute favourite artists AND who I got the meet a little over a year ago so I was super giddy and excited to receive it but for the longest time I didn’t know where I wanted to put it.  But I have decided that I am going to have it framed very soon, and that it will be living in our living room – stay tuned for updates!

This is the year that this room gets its major makeover.

Home Tour – Kitchen

The third stop on my home tour is my lovely kitchen/dining area.  It’s technically two spaces but they work together as one, and although I am aware that it is still lacking some good design, this is where it sits today:



This tea towel was a perfect Christmas gift from my mother in law.  I have made a ‘no use’ rule for this one – kinda defeats the purpose but I want it to stay pretty…


We had the carrara marble backsplash installed after we took possession and I am so pleased with the outcome.  When we were building, I knew that I wanted white cabinets, the dark blue granite and carrara marble for the backsplash.  But the builder didn’t allow very many selections and carrara was NOT one of them.  So we took possession of the house with granite counter tops and just drywall backsplash.  If you have ever seen it, its unattractive.  The granite/wall are never perfectly matched and there can be medium to large gaps between the two.  After a while we ordered up the marble and hired an installer and within a few hours the backsplash was complete, and beautiful.




The vase was a wedding gift from my lovely cousins (Tiffany&Co – Hello beautiful!).


My fur-babies were floating around when I was taking pictures, and this little peanut was too cute to ignore.  She actually wanted to go outside and was patiently waiting by the door.



Across the island is the dining nook.  Not overly huge, but big enough to hold a table and maybe a small table on the wall opposite the window.


I fell in love with the Laura Ashley curtains that I found at Homesense, but I had an issue.  They were short, and narrow (84″x55″).  I needed 95″x110″.  They looked so so bad by themselves, and for about a month I searched every Homesense around Edmonton and could not find another set.  In the meantime I took the hem out so that I could add a little length.  So I had to come up with a solution.  My solution was Ikea.  I bought a pair that coordinated, hemmed them to the same length as my Laura Ashley panels and hung them. And it made such a difference.







I bought this mirror for this specific location but its WAAAAYYY too small.  I left it off the wall for a long time which left the wall naked. But I really didn’t like how naked the wall was, so I put it back up.  It will get moved up into my master bedroom as soon as I find something similar but larger.  But it is so pretty – another one of those amazing Target deals – I think I paid like $35 for it.



I found this adorable coat hook at Homesense as well.  My husband is very outdoorsy/major hunter, so I knew he would love it.  Plus its cute!



Table: Urban Barn

Coat Hook, Painting, Crystal Bowl, Barstools, Floral Curtains: Homesense

Mirror: Target

Vase: Tiffany & Co

Sand Curtains: Ikea