Home Tour – Master Bedroom

I have been wanting to do a home tour for a while now, but I have been waiting for my house to be ‘finished’.  But I realized that waiting for my house to look ‘finished’ means that it would have never happened.  We have been living in this house for three years now and there are still some items that have not been completed.  I am not the type to buy something just to fill a wall – I prefer to wait to find something that I love so that I am completely happy and so that I won’t want to switch it out in a year and a half.  At the same time, I do like to mix things up, and often times I will buy something for one room, only to pull it to another room in a few months.

So here is my master bedroom in all its current glory:













I think it is very pretty, but that it still does need some work.  The only thing hanging on any of the walls right now is the large vivid painting above the bed.  I have a few different pieces on the ground resting against the wall in anticipation that it might get hung.

My long list of changes involve but are not limited to: changing curtains, installing blinds, get a bed frame (this one is major – thats why its in bold), new dressers, hang art on the long wall next to the trophy husbands side of the bed, hang mirror above my current vanity.

Bedding & Shams: Homesense
Painting: Homesense
Mirrors: Ikea
Nightstands: Homesense
Curtains: Bed Bath & Beyond
Curtain Rods: Martha Stewart forHome Depot
Dresser: Ikea


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